Terms and Conditions of use

  1. Website Xeevio.com (hereinafter referred to as Portal) is an online scheduling tool where you can agree on the best date of a business meeting, vacation, sport match or any other event. Website is based on a polling principle where a poll administrator creates a new poll and invites the attendants to participate in it. Each poll is created and maintained by its administrator that can change the poll options, add or remove proposed dates, invite new participants, vote on his behalf and also on behalf of the attendants.
  2. Anyone who uses the Portal is hereinafter refered to as the Visitor.
  3. By using the Portal available at www.xeevio.com the Visitor agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.
  4. All provided services on Portal are for free of charge including new poll creation and voting in any poll. Each Visitor has to create an account before creating a new poll or this account is automatically created on submitting of the first poll. The account must be activated by clicking a link in email sent after registration.
  5. Each visitor of the web is considered as poll administrator (hereinafter referred to as Poll Administrator) when he/she creates at least one poll. Each Visitor that activates his/her account is considered as Registered User. Each Visitor that receives a poll invitation from Poll Administrator is herinafter refered to as Poll Attendant.
  6. Registered User explicitly agrees that he may be emailed with a commercial sent by Portal provider. Portal provider is obliged not to send such commercials more than once a week keeping the total mail size up to 50 kB.
  7. Portal sends the poll invitations to Poll Attendants after a new poll is created by Poll Administrator and also when the poll is changed or closed. Poll Administrator is automatically notified about each vote saved. Poll Administrator can send an email reminder to any Poll Attendant(s) either individually or in a bulk. Portal enables Poll Administrator to send such reminders not more than once a day to a single Poll Attendant.
  8. Portal never displays the full email address of Poll Attendant on a page that is available to anonymous visitor. The only Visitor who can see the full email address of Poll Attendants is the Poll Administrator. Each Poll Attendant can see his/her email address and obscured email address of other Poll Attendants, eg. john.d**@**ail.com.
  9. There can be poll name, description, location, number of votes, creation time, voting time, Poll Administrator or Poll Attendant nickname shown on a publicly available page of the Portal. For example "John creates a poll 'Let's go for a beer' 5 mins ago.
  10. If any Visitor requires not to be invited to any Poll then Portal is obliged to block his/her email address from being added to any new or existing Poll. Contact form for such request is available here.
  11. Visitors agree to use the Portal only for purposes that are permitted by these Terms and Conditions and any applicable law or generally accepted practices or guidelines in the relevant jurisdictions. It is not allowed to enter commercials, vulgar or rasist expressions of any kind. Visitor agree that he will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Portal.
  12. Visitors use of the Portal is at their sole risk. All the Portal services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

Prague, Oct 1st 2013