FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a new poll?

Click here, fill in poll options and submit the form. System automatically creates a new account and sends activation link to you. When you click it, your account gets activated and the poll will be automatically started including notifications to attendants.

Day or period?

The dates that are going to be voted can be set either as a specific moment - day and hour, eg. May 1st 18.00, Feb 5th 16:00 or as a period of time, eg. from Feb 2nd 2014 - Feb 9th 2014. Use the first option if you need to schedule a meeting, session with friends, sport match or so. Use the second one for events longer than a day like summer vacation, company teambuilding, weekend training etc.

What does it mean "Voting Scale"?

You can vote either simply "yes" or "no" or for the more hesitative we offer "definitely - maybe - maybe not - definitely not" scale. You can change the scale any time during the poll. Note that in such case the existing votes are recalculated, eg. definitely and maybe is converted to yes and yes is converted to definitely. Negative answers are converted analogically.

How can I enter poll attendants?

You can either simply enter their email addresses (each address on a row) or you can click "want to enter both emails and names" and then you can enter both names and email addresses of poll attendants. Obviously first option is faster, the second one brings better view on the poll.

How to select dates?

For a specific moment event you need to click required days in the calendar and then setup specific times (at least one) within these days. The time must be set in HH:MM, HH.MM or HH format. You can choose days across month or years. Number of selected days is unlimited but it is obviously better for the attendants if you select reasonable number of days.

For a longer period you can select an interval - first click on the starting day and then the ending one. Again the period may go across months or years and you can select any number of periods. If you want to select a period across month just click on the initial day, click the arrow to move to next month and click on the ending day.

How can I vote?

Click on the invitation link you get into your Inbox. If you lost your invitation then go to this page where you can ask for resending of the invitation.
Website shows the voting form where you can see basic information about the poll - name, description, proposed location, poll administator name and preselected days or periods. Select appropriate answer for each proposed day or period. Your vote is saved automatically when you click it, you don't need to click any "Save" button. You may change your vote any time during the poll is active. After the poll is closed by its administrator you will get a notification including the agreed date.

How can I close the poll?

If you are the poll administrator you can close it by clicking the swoosh icon at the bottom of the voting form. System will automatically notify all the attendants that the poll has been closed including the agreed date (period). If you are not the poll administrator then you cannot close it.

Can I vote even if I have not been invited?

No, you can't. You can ask the poll administrator to include you.

I remember I got the invitiation but I lost it. What to do now?

Click here, enter your email and you will get all your active invitations.

How can I review who has not voted yet?

Either in a voting form where you can see all your votes and votes of other attendants or if you are the poll administrator you can utilize Send Reminders tool. By clicking "envelope" icon in My Polls list you get the Send Reminders screen populated with the list of attendants that have not voted yet. You can enter your message to them and submit. The system will send a reminder to all such attendants attaching your message. Note you can send these reminders not more than once a day.

Can I change poll options?

Yes, if you are poll administrator you can change the poll options at any time. You can include new attendants, exclude existing ones, add another dates or change any other poll options. All new attendants are automatically invited via email.

Can I delete the poll?

Yes, if you are poll administrator you can delete the poll by clicking appropriate icon in My Polls list. Note that the poll will be deleted including all the existing votes. If you are not poll administrator then you cannot delete it.

I like this website, how can I recommend this?

You can use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter icons to recommend our site on these social networks. Of course we appreciate if you recommend us in any other way too. Thanks!

How many localizations are there?

Website is available in English, Czech and Slovak.